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PUR YA! Organic Raw Vegan Detox Mix, 6.35 oz.

PUR YA! Organic Raw Vegan Detox Mix, 6.35 oz.
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Detox Mix
PUR YA! Organic Raw Vegan Detox Mix, 6.35 oz.
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Sprouted flax seed*, psyllium husks*, nettle powder*

* From certified organic agriculture


Organic Raw Vegan Detox-mix With B-vitamins and Minerals, 180 g./6.35 oz.

PUR YA! is made with love and expertise.

• EU organic quality of Austria

• Provides many B vitamins and minerals

• Psyllium contains plenty of fiber and stimulates the digestion

• Psyllium imparts a pleasant feeling of satiety

• To access valuable nutrients, vitamins and enzymes better, the flax seeds are germinated

• For the sprouting process energized water is used

• GMO- and additive-free

• Lactose-free

• Raw

• Vegan

Nutrition facts per 100g:

Energy 1250kj / 228 kcal

Fat 24g of which saturates 1,85g

Carbohydrates 9,7g

of which sugars 0,6g

Fiber 65g

Protein 17,2g

Salt 0,006g

How to use:

Enrich your yogurts, cereals or fruit drinks with a tablespoon of the mix to detox your body. Since psyllium husks swell up to 20 times their volume, please drink at least 8 oz./250 ml of water.

Average vitamins & minerals per 100 g:

Vitamin B1 1,19mg

Vitamin B6 0,88mg

Folic acid 127μg

Magnesium 381mg

Manganese 1,95mg

Iron 7mg

Copper 0,97mg

Manufactured and tested in Germany and Austria the product stands for the highest organic quality.

Therefore: Say Yes! to PUR YA!

Best before date after production: 13 month Resealable cans made out of recycled cardboard without animal adhesives CO2 neutral production.